But not, it came across Ji Heng outside and you will ran ballistic when he watched his nephew clothed such as for example a beneficial girl

As much as he does not want for Tian Qi to help you log off, Ji Heng is actually leftover no solutions however, so you can fire an unwilling Tian Qi regarding their own article since the his very own doctor so you’re able to appease his sister.

Ji Heng delivered Tian Qian so you’re able to a remote farming town in order to tend to a keen herb garden. He believe the daddy she are off your the better becasue the actual vision off their particular irritated him a great deal.

But when she try in the end aside eyes, Ji Heng unearthed that he can’t sleep. He was shed their. His sleepness night became anyone providing him their state as well. In the event that the guy can not sleep, they dare maybe not sleep.

Sheng Anhui went to find Tian Qian to inquire about their own to help you return as Ji Heng and everyone otherwise had had wii night bed just like the she kept.

Tian Qian regarded they but she dont just get back without are bought by Ji Heng to go back. Rather she offered a herbal pillow along with her favorite gardenia flower with it so you can Shen Anhui to pass to help you Ji Heng. Which ought to score your to sleep.

What Ji Heng questioned when the Chun Hua is actually this package, the guy recalled a lie she immediately after said that she has already been crazy about some one

When Sheng Anhui returned to Residence Ji, the guy informed Ji Heng https://worldbrides.org/pt/blog/como-encontrar-noiva-sueca/ that just what the guy watched almost bankrupt his cardio. Tian Qi was a student in such as for instance good sorry condition. She was every body and you may skeleton, she is actually wasting away from the temperatures into ranch.

Ji Heng believed therefore disappointed and you will accountable from the Tian Qi, the guy informed Sheng Anhui which he will go to see having himself.

However when they had all of them, Tian Qian are anything but wasting out. She is actually and then make a whole lot currency for creating a wonder beauty equipment, a very moisturising mud medicinal cover up you to took off on teenagers of one’s town.

Dr Ding was so sure of its therapeutic masks he went back in order to Mansion Ji to offer an example in order to Kang Ning’er and you may Madam Ji. He had been hoping Madam JI might be so amazed, she would overrule their own young man and offer Tian Qi and him returning to Residence Ji.

Mr Kang visited Tian Qi and you will Dr Ding’s cottage and got all of them one another arrested to have maliciously giving an effective poisoned healing face masks to help you both Ning’er and you can Madam Ji.

Mr Kang was just planning to paddle Tian Qi whenever Ji Zheng with his men arrived to avoid all of them. The guy advised Mr Kang which he doesn’t have right at every to help you specific discipline to help you some body away from Mansion Ji as well as area in the place of consent away from General Ji.

Anyhow Ji Zheng got Tian Qi to JI Heng and then he said the same in order to Mr Kang. Incase the guy performed something such as one to once more, Ji Heng will privately torture Mr Kang.

Although not, Tian Qi persevered. She reminded your just what he previously said that in the army if someone else secure your due to their existence, you have got to come back brand new favour.

But their issues was not more than. She was then kidnapped from the Mr Chen and brought to Sunlight Fan to help you eliminate and torture.

In the event that door 2nd started, it was Ji Heng who had been half of amazed and you can half of envious out-of Tian Qian locked from inside the which have a lady on factory. He had been so jealous, the guy did not annoy to ask which locked their unique inside having Chun Hua?

The guy told of Tian Qiu to possess anything for money and you can she is actually therefore shameless

Ji Heng asserted that Tian Qi and you will Chun Hua don’t need certainly to cover up in a number of hidden urban centers as he will strategy a married relationship ranging from Tain Qi and you may Chun Hua.

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