Once shedding crazy about Rentarou, she finds their novel system the best tool to rehearse towards

Kakure Meme [ ]

Rentarou’s eleventh girlfriend. Meme are a shrinking violet girl just who is out away from their particular solution to end up being a great “history profile”. She knits brief plushies just like the a spare time activity. Whenever exhausted or ashamed, Meme commonly unexpectedly fade away in an instant and you will toss certainly this type of plushies in which she try updates as a means regarding misdirection when you find yourself she covers someplace nearby. Their unique family unit members label, Kakure, are a beneficial pun with the Japanese term “to hide” (??).

Iin Chiyo [ ]

Rentarou’s twelfth girlfriend along with his junior twelfth grade aged relative. She’s got significant tidiness inclinations which leads to her delivering so annoyed when something are unpleasant otherwise careless you to definitely this lady has to intervene and you can proper all of them. She actually is the course president regarding their group consequently, but privately detests new higher requirement they placed on her. When the she kissbrides.com klikkaa tГ¤tГ¤ täällГ¤ nyt loses their unique glasses, their unique anxiety are out of the blue put-out and you will she gets a whining clutter. If you find yourself Rentarou had their bookings up against relationship their cousin, even after knowing the future she would features if the he did not undertake her, he relented immediately following witnessing their particular truthful, natural confession. Their particular dad (and only parent) Hiro, Rentarou’s cousin, approves out of their unique reference to your once an early on Rentarou shortly after pushed your of a speeding vehicle, assuming Rentarou getting a knowledgeable boy worldwide since the an end result. Their particular name is an excellent pun towards Japanese term for a beneficial president/head committee president, iinchou (???).

Yamato Nadeshiko [ ]

Rentarou’s thirteenth girlfriend. Nadeshiko is actually a move professor whom becomes the latest Japanese professor at his school. She states end up being American, but in reality she is an absolute-blooded Japanese which is just enthusiastic about The usa. While the a baby, their particular mothers forced their particular to learn and you can uphold the latest behaviour from an actual Japanese lady, going so far as securing their particular when you look at the a great storeroom when she produced problems. Using one celebration, she located a western flick, and you will on enjoying it, turned thus motivated because of the versatility American youngsters was desired opposed to her very own upbringing one to she first started model their particular expereince of living and title shortly after it, and therefore resulted in her parents disowning their own. She would rather getting titled Naddy. Her identity ironically relates to Yamato Nadeshiko, the latest personification regarding an idealized Japanese lady.

Yasashiki Yamame [ ]

Rentarou’s fourteenth girlfriend. Yamame was big and you will tall than just Rentarou’s other girlfriends, it is revealed because of the Rentarou given that a smooth spirit who enjoys character. Yamame try Iku’s classmate and you may a member of the brand new school’s farming pub which can be overly caring to all the types of nature. Possibly the weeds one expand regarding the garden are thought precious because of the their own and you will she actually produced the backyard urban area for just weeds. In her youngsters, she regularly hate her high human body, however, after permitting an infant bird back once again to its colony, she turned into pleased with it because the she can manage and help aside character. Within her prior, she seen an untamed flames and you can establish pyrophobia as instance fires destroy plants and you may animals. Immediately after Rentarou protected Yamame from a flame comically developed by the latest school’s vice-principal, she confessed her thinking so you’re able to Rentarou since it try the initial go out somebody had ever protected their. Their loved ones term gets the pun to own Cutting, Sashiki(???) along with her considering title actually setting Hill Woman, speaking about their top.

Momi Momiji [ ]

Rentarou’s 15th girlfriend. Momiji try Kurumi’s classmate and you will an experienced masseuse. Their own massage treatments leaves their particular readers into the a state regarding high bliss, no matter if it is almost certainly due to their particular handsy characteristics, saying that she keeps the “softness” of good woman’s body. Their fantasy should be to be a famous masseuse and you will truly massage gravure models. Her name’s good pun towards Japanese term to have rub, “momimomi”.

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