The latest themes recognized within our investigation usually act as this new riding facts for the remainder of this paper

, 2015; Cardoso and you may Souza, 2016; Santiago and you may Saliba, 2016; dos Santos and you can Jalalzai, 2021). Contained in this work we are going to work with misogyny because the recognized by our interviewees relating to Rousseff’s 6 ages from inside the strength, specifically emphasizing the relationship between misogynistic backlash and gendered double bind fictional character understood. In the following point we offer a more nuanced definition to own all the subcategories identified (see Desk 2), getting stand-by yourself definitions and you may instances regarding the investigation in addition to descriptive analyses regarding key moments in the Rousseff’s presidency one exemplify the latest active ranging from our nuanced suggestion for considering the gendered double bind, misogynist backlash, and its impacts on the Rousseff’s presidency.

The fresh new five subcategories identified appeared in the info at the differing membership (get a hold of Tables 3, 4). A couple themes starred in higher ratio: Comparison so you’re able to Dudes and you can Misogynyments themed as the evaluation in order to men looked during the almost half most of the interview and you can portrayed thirty six per cent from all comments codifiedments inspired as the misogyny had been the majority comments (38 per cent) and starred in forty-two % of all the interview. This means, interviewees have been extremely aware out-of Rousseff’s character just like the chairman compared with other men politicians and you will previous presidents, together with suggests Rousseff are punished throughout the their management on account of gendered assumption and backlash.

If you’re searching which have reduced volume regarding interviews, another one or two themes bring very important framework to help you understanding it is possible to sexist backlash inside the presidency out-of Brazil’s first lady chairman. Discussions how Rousseff made an effort to comply with gendered criterion ascribed so you can feminine (Complying to the Twice Join) appeared in more than 10 % of your own comment coded and you may interview held. Meanwhile, discussion about how precisely Rousseff challenged the brand new gendered expectations of their position (Tricky new Double Join) appeared in more than you to definitely fifth of all interviews, constituting 16 percent of all of the statements coded.

The newest description of your numerical thickness of thematic analysis provides a starting point in order to a good qualitative research of each theme, emphasizing the relationship between for each theme, particularly the union between your about three layouts physically about the newest gendered twice bind (testing, conforming, and you will difficult) therefore the misogynistic backlash you to used.

Testing to men

One of the subcategories identified is actually evaluations out of Dilma Rousseff to help you guys, each other comparing Rousseff so you can male people in politics and you can outlining just how anything would be various other in the event the Rousseff had been a person. For this reason, we learned that there was one another a conceptual component and fundamental aspect of their own assessment in order to guys. Inside an abstract sense, we often noticed the phrase, “in the event that she had been a man” to spell it out exactly how the right position will have played aside in another way got Dilma not been a lady. The fresh narrative illustrated within interviews are off a network you to “favors guys” (Respondent 88, ), which have “no open gender discrimination, but the proven fact that [a good politician] try one is actually an advantage” (Respondent 8, ). Whenever discussing this analysis a whole lot more concretely, there clearly was a look closely at Rousseff’s rough identity, the latest “hard woman doing sensitive men.” The latest estimate below brings far more perspective:

Discussions regarding the Rousseff’s impeachment therefore the sexism and you will misogyny trailing the fresh process have been talked about during the well-known mass media (Hao, 2016; Hertzman, 2016; Romero and you can Kaiser, 2016) and also in scholarly functions (Zdebskyi ainsi que al

Yes, as well as mentioned that she is actually a hard people, you to she cannot communicate with anybody, one she got an authoritarian way of talking. Everything that for men looks like an accompany “no, he is a challenging person, a home-confident person who knows what the guy desires.” In order to their unique was demonstrated just like the negative “zero, she cannot can chat, she’s tough, she is this” for the a poor ways. How they correspond with us, feminine. I’ve reached a certain standing, our company is getting harsh, we are deviating regarding to help you how to become a woman, that is nice, clear, hushed and you can such as for instance. The type of Dilma becoming ‘s the style of ladies who manage to end up being good within this a completely patriarchal business, against that it acquisition one to is present (Respondent 79, ).

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